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The JACK9 Memorial BBQ Competition is a competition created by and run by Pitmasters to commemorate the lives of our fellow BBQ Family who are no longer with us.  


The Completion is being held at Ramblin' Road Brewery farm 290 Swimming Pool Road, La Salette, Ontario Canada, over the weekend of May 25th/26th, Electricity, Water and Portaloos will be provided, you should bring enough ice or visit the town of Delhi to replenish your ice. The entry cost is $275.00 CAD per team and we are limited to 24 team spots. Sites will be 20' wide, and about 30' deep. Judging is on the Sunday, Standard KCBS times and turn ins. This is a Jack Qualifier and any international (not Canadian) team winning, will have the bung entered into their home state/Country Draw. Top finishing Canadian team will be entered into the Canadian Draw for the Jack Daniels. Cash payout is guaranteed at $4750, broke up into categories, GC and RGC.


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